Gentle, hands-on energy technique for your physical, mental, and emotional healing. Reiki goes where it is needed most, for the highest good.

About Reiki

Reiki is a form of deep relaxation and healing using a hands-on, gentle energy technique. Many cultures believe that there is a life-force energy critical to our overall health and vitality. When this energy is allowed to flow freely, we are better able to relax, find balance, detoxify and heal. You do not have to consciously know what is blocking your energy flow for Reiki to work.  The energy will go where it is needed.

Reiki is a positive, love-filled energy.  For thousands of years, cultures have recognized energy as a vital part of a person’s wellbeing: Qi (Chinese), Prana (Hindu), Miwi (Aboriginal), Pneuma (Greek) and Ruach (Hebrew) are just some of the terms used to describe this universal life force energy.

Reiki is like a pause button, a place to just be. Instead of trying to control the outcome and figure out how to fix the issue at hand, we learn to step aside and allow the issue to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Reiki is not a cure, and the Reiki practitioner doesn’t “heal” you. The practitioner directs the Reiki energy to you and your body leads the Reiki energy where it needs to go, for your highest good.

You may intuitively know that you need something — a human touch, a peaceful silence, a loving presence. My hope is that when you come for a Reiki session that I may give you this moment of healing with an open heart.


Most frequently asked questions and answers about Reiki.

In a hands-on Reiki session, you will be asked to remove your shoes and lay on a massage table fully clothed.   A blanket may be placed over your body.  I will lay my hands on your head, your brow, over your ears, over your throat, on your chest, on your stomach and on your arms, legs, knees and feet.  The same process will be performed on your back as well.  Sometimes my hands will hover above the chakra points.

The purpose of the various hand positions is to ground you and to let the energy flow straight into your 7 main chakra points.  The sessions generally last about one hour.  The energy goes where it is needed, but if you have a problem area, I can work on that area for a longer period of time.   If you are trying to work on something specific, it is best to come a few days in a row or on a regular basis.  If you are new to Reiki, it is suggested that you start with 3 sessions within a 10-14 day time period in order to open and clear out the chakras.

Wear comfortable clothes and definitely wear socks.  As the toxins leave your body, many people report having cold hands and feet.

Every person has different reactions to Reiki.  You may feel intense warmth or tingling.  You may have a peaceful feeling that lasts you all day.  You may sleep better that night.  Your stomach may start to gurgle.  You may feel the need to cry or smile.  Or, you may feel nothing at all.  Whatever your reaction, appreciate that the energy is flowing to where it needs to go.

If you have a dull headache or stomach ache after a session, it may be the toxins leaving your body.   Reiki truly causes no harm because it is a positive, love-filled energy from above.

No.  Reiki is a complementary modality to any medical treatment you may be receiving.  Hospitals and cancer centers are beginning to use Reiki to calm patients before surgery or to offer comfort during chemotherapy.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for circle or wheel.  There are 7 major chakra points on the body, essentially running from the crown of your head to the bottom of your spine.  Each chakra receives and transmits energy.  Different organs, ailments, feelings, colors and more are associated with each chakra.  When trauma, stress and disturbances cause imbalance in the chakras, that is when illness and dis-ease result.  Reiki is one way to open the energy centers and balance the physical, mental and spiritual parts of the body.

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