Reiki is a great tool to have in your parenting toolbox. It’s a way to help your child without medicine, needles, or doctor visits. I have used it to calm my son’s nerves before a baseball game, for relief when my son broke his arm, to help my kids fall asleep, for those middle-of-the-night sickness bouts, when my kids have fevers, and for general anxiety/stress relief. (I do not use it alone because it’s not a replacement for medical care, but it is a way for me to actively help my children’s healing).

I am not saying it’s THE magic bullet. Is there such a thing in parenting? 😉 It really is a tool that enables you to be present with your children in a way that feels helpful, loving, and empowering.

When I first started out in Reiki, I was only learning so I could help my sons. I quickly learned that Reiki was really more for me.

Let me back up and say we are all made of energy. We are not just a physical body. In simple terms, if you go to a wake and look at the person who is deceased, you know it’s them by their looks, but something is missing. The missing piece is their life force energy. Everything is energy and this is what you learn in class. I know it sounds kind of “woo-woo”, but I cannot stress this enough.

From an energy viewpoint, when we constantly focus on what is “wrong” with our children, we will find more problems. When my son was first diagnosed with PDD-NOS (autism spectrum), I reached out to special needs support groups, but they never worked for me personally. I always left the meetings feeling drained and more emotional than ever. In my GROW group for special needs moms, we hope to be able to take a step back and focus on ourselves so that we can really see the divine perfection in us and in each of our children.

Parents of special needs children are often stretched to the max. They are visiting doctors, taking kids to various therapies, and preparing special meals. They are advocating for their children in school with teachers, therapists, and IEP teams. They are seeking specialists, researching the latest treatments, and figuring out ways to pay for it all. They have their own feelings of fear, anger, and guilt which they may not have time to process. There is limited time for the caretakers to take care of themselves. Going for a mani-pedi (which I love!) is not the kind of “self-care” that I am promoting.

When a parent can take a break and take some quiet time for soul growth/inner reflection, then there is a positive energy that can flow from the parent and ultimately to the child.

I am NOT perfect and I am not proud of the many times I have lost it with my kids. However, learning about energy, the law of attraction, soul contracts, Reiki, etc. has really been so helpful in shifting my thought process.  It’s little daily things that we can do to stay on track so we can respond to situations that come our way instead of reacting impulsively. Instead of being down and saying “why me?”, I now say “bring it on!”.

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