Grab some of my favorite freebies and resources for healing and improving life balance. 

Learn how to ground yourself and protect your energy so that you feel more supported and energetically safe in your daily life.
Learn about the 7 major chakras and identify imbalances with this quick and free quiz.
The easiest and best FREE meditation app. It has countless guided meditations to help you stop, breathe and tune out the world for a few minutes each day. Great for beginners!

As a medical intuitive, Reiki master and Child and Adolescent Therapist, I endorse this wholeheartedly. Catherine Swanz Glastal is an amazing practitioner, teacher, and all around great person. We live in a world of instant fixes and commercials telling us that pills and chemicals will fix every ill. Kids especially need to be taught that this doesn’t reflect reality. Reiki is a loving, effective way to show them that slowing down and connecting with your body is essential for physical and emotional health.

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