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Commonly Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions people have about Distance Reiki.

We are all connected energetically, because all matter is energy. I find it helps to compare it to a radio wave or a phone signal. It’s a frequency that is available to all. 

While it is not required, I do encourage you to schedule your distance Reiki session during a time when you are not busy/working/driving. The benefits of arranging a specific time for a treatment is that the recipient can be fully present during the experience and is more likely to pick up on the often subtle sensations that arise during a session.

A distant treatment requires very little from the recipient.  If you have a pre-arranged appointment time, as I do with my clients, all you need do at your appointment time is to get comfortable in a quiet spot where you can be undisturbed for an hour.  Either sit in a comfy chair or lay down and be open to experience whatever happens.  I encourage my clients to set an intention before the session starts.  For example, you could say to yourself: ”I am open to experiencing this distant Reiki session with Catherine and receiving the maximum benefits.”

Once the distant Reiki session starts, you may start feeling different sensations. Warmth, tingling, and pulsing sensations are common, as is falling asleep. In fact, falling asleep is so common I recommend having an alarm set for after the session is complete so you don’t sleep through an important later event. Unless, of course, you’ve booked your session to coincide with your bedtime.

What people experience during a distant Reiki session is not so different from what people experience during an in-person session. By far the most common experience is a feeling of relaxation and peace. People often fall asleep. A lot of people experience a tingling sensation, temperature changes, or feelings of calm or joy. Some even see swirls of color with their eyes closed. However, it’s best not to have any expectation of what you might experience and just let things unfold as they will.

Clients often report feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed, or just sleepy after their session. I encourage my clients to practice good self-care after their session, like drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food, and taking time to rest and reflect. I also encourage people to write down any experiences they had during and after the session.

“Reiki is, increasingly, being incorporated into modern medicine because of one compelling reason: It works.”

Larry Dossey

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