A transformative energy healing using color and light to support and restore your chakra balance.

What is Metatron Color Healing™?

Metatron Color Healing is a method of healing that channels the transformational energy of Archangel Metatron using color and light to restore, replenish and upgrade the whole body matrix including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. It does this via working through the extended chakra system.

This healing method uses both hands-on healing and also works within the aura to help maintain optimal health. The body responds naturally to the vibration of light and has the ability to enter at the cellular level to bring lasting change and recovery.

Guidance is usually given as the Metatron energy is about moving you to be all that you came here to be. We will talk briefly before the session as to the intention of the healing be it chakra balancing, cord cutting, inner child healing, ancestral healing or whatever rises to the surface for the highest good.

Color can be incorporated in a number of ways during a Metatron Healing session through specially designed Metatron Aura sprays, as well as crystals, visualization, meditation and angel cards where appropriate.

Note that, like Reiki, this healing energy can also be sent via distance. The Metatron channeled healing, use of the Metatron sprays, crystals, angel cards and guidance remains the same. Please reach out with any questions.

During your treatment

During a Metatron Color Healing session you remain fully clothed and typically lie on your back throughout the treatment.  The therapist uses light touch and may guide you through meditations or deliver intuitive messages that will help you release what doesn’t serve you and rebalance and recharge your energy body.  Your therapist will typically tune into your energy in advance and determine how to tailor the treatment to best suit you in the moment. Depending on your needs, the therapist may incorporate crystals, sacred geometry, oracle card messages, essential oil sprays, color and/or sound to assist in your treatment.  If you are particularly drawn to any of these elements you can express your own preferences for treatment.  Likewise, if any do not agree with you (such as essential oils) you are free to eliminate these elements.  

"Everything comes in it’s own time but what came to you in my session was beyond incredible!!! You pulled something that was so buried that had never been brought up before! I mean 🤯. With your gift, you’ve helped me in so many ways in one hour. YOU DID THAT!!!! Carry that with you, I’m not healed but because of THAT session, I’ve never felt lighter. It is an amazing gift that you’ve given me. "

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